Services Available

  • Paging via E-mail, Operator, Phone, SMS and Web
  • Alphamates (page via device utilizing modem line)
  • Two-Way Radio Systems
  • Group Paging via Paging Terminal – allows Group to be Paged via Operators; utilized for Critical Care Communication
  • Group Paging via Web – Customer Controlled
  • Loaner Pagers for 4-Digit Pagers available 24/7 via UAB Connect/Call Center located at the General Services Building (GSB) Suite 490, 521 19th Street S, or Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM at our office, Suite 101 UAB Medical Towers Building (1717 11th Ave S)
  • RF Communications Needs Assessment & Consulting
  • FCC Licensing
  • Coverage Enhancement Consulting for New and Existing Spaces utilizing BDA/DAS Systems

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